Sitting in a gallery, alone, at night, takes on an air of solemnity. The last vestiges of incense burnt earlier during gallery hours seeps into the stillness of the moment as the eye meanders from one painting to another. There’s no rush. The softly falling rain outside adds to the calmness, even the word Zen feels too harsh to describe the mood. Continue reading “zen”

pop life

My painting Metanoia went to its new home recently. As I was wrapping her for transport in her Cellophane Bubble Shroud (the name of my next metal band), I couldn’t help but notice she kinda looked neat popping through the bubbles. Ha, pun intended, wonder if I can fit one more into this post. Whatever the case I liked the look so took a photo. Perhaps there’s a bit of a pop artist in me yet…

everything is theory

If you’re anything like me, you most likely take a lot of things in this world for granted; the sky is blue, gravity is real, the new Viking’s stadium is the ugliest building ever constructed in all of human history. Wait a minute… gravity is real?

Without getting into the technical gobbily gook and saying something that will undoubtedly illicit technical reactions from those of the pocket protector ilk (no offense intended, I happen to love pocket protectors and the ilk that use them), let me say that I am speaking in generalities as an uninitiated novice in the religion of science. I may also just be speaking total gibberish for what its worth. Continue reading “everything is theory”