fairly spooky

I had a fairly strange experience at the state fair yesterday afternoon. I dropped off a number of paintings to sell at the Cream of the Crop Artist Gallery in the West End Market. This was at exactly 3pm. Keep in mind, there was a line of cars to get into the fair, all of which were being checked by police and whatnots, licenses written down, trunks checked etc… The point being, the fair was jumping! Tons of cars and trucks were coming and going as people were setting up to get ready. Continue reading “fairly spooky”

fair enough

Oil painting by Nicholas Harper titled Sophie depicting a woman with big hair holding an owl that has been blindfolded
Sophie | by Nicholas Harper | Oil on panel | 2017

I was about 20 years old the first time I entered a painting into the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Competition. It didn’t get accepted. Fair enough (pun), the painting sucked. In fact, the oil paint might have still been wet when I dropped it off and nails poked through the back of my shoddy makeshift frame, that can’t help ones chances… I then entered numerous more times only to have my ego repeatedly dashed against the jagged rocks of the unrelenting shores that is the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Competition. Continue reading “fair enough”

prologue no. 1

poster for prologue solo exhibit featuring Nicholas Harper
PROLOGUE, Solo Exhibit by Nicholas Harper

PROLOGUE No. 1 Featuring Nicholas Harper
Runs thru Sept 2nd, 2017

A prologue is a separate introductory section of a literary or musical work. In the context of my paintings, this exhibit represents the start of something, although of what to be exact, I do not know. A few older works (1 to 3 years old) dot the gallery. Intermingled with those pieces are a number of newer paintings (studies really) that represent my intention to explore and invent within my preexisting artistic framework while not being tethered to it.

The mid to late summer of 2017 has been defined by playfulness and curiosity where my work is concerned. Painting with acrylic paint rather than oils has offered me an opportunity to concoct new palettes and visual dramas across the panel allowing texture, layering and brushwork to captivate and elicit emotional responses beyond the subject matter and composition.

Throughout the month of August, this exhibit will invariably change, as new pieces will be added as they are completed, replacing older works.

Prologue No. 1 is, as its definition stipulates, just the beginning.