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Those in attendance at the Rogue Buddha Gallery Friday evening were treated to a rare opportunity to hear from Jean Bardot, Lucas Messerer and Frenchie Lunning as they discussed our current exhibit. From Jean’s earliest days as a dominatrix to Messerer’s start as a photographer, both discussed their individual journeys and similar interests in kink and fetish to the circumstances by which they met and eventually, with the cultivating vision of Frenchie Lunning came to form the exhibit “An Evening with Jean Bardot.”

Each of the speakers added insight as well as inspiration by way of sharing their personal stories from the kink and fetish lifestyle as they have witnessed it both here in Minneapolis and from their travels around the world. These similar interests and experiences, along with the characters with whom they are shared, have coalesced into the photos on the wall, each providing an intimate look into the complex personalities of each of the participants.

For me, the take away message was clear, be yourself, be proud of who you are and live your life fully as the person you want to be. As Lucas aims his camera in the hope of capturing and celebrating people when they are most alive, or to use his word, “floating,” Jean has crafted a life and a career in which her main intent is to share and spread love.

As an observer over the course of this exhibit, I can attest to the close-nit nature of the community in which all three speakers finds such inspiration. It is inclusive and welcoming, non-judgmental, creative and full of life, and indeed, full of love.

I encourage you to visit the Rogue Buddha during the remainder of the exhibit and take a peak for yourself at this truly incredible world. Cheers!

P.S. The second message of the evening… when asked about the best places to be in the world where culture was concerned, Jean made it a point that while every city has it’s strengths and charms, she continues to chose living here, in Minneapolis. I think that says it all… 🙂

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