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This is an old painting that a friend reminded me of last night. Our conversation reminded me that each painting I make is like a part of my soul. When the painting is purchased, as this one was years ago, that part of my soul then lives with someone else and that it becomes part of that person’s soul as well. It’s a strange thought but one that reinforces my conviction that art is necessary and not luxury. But it’s not just to be lumped in with other commodities such as food and clothing and the box set of Sex in the City either. It should remain separate, as a sort of a spiritual talisman and should exist somewhere in the realm that fire and starlight exist, a place where meaning is felt but not understood and inspiration and transcendence are tangible things one can hold in their hand. Art is magic, and as such, has the ability to reveal the magic that is life and existence itself… Here’s hoping you have a little magic in your life today! Now back to season two of my box set… Cheers!

Amelie by Nicholas Harper

Amelie by Nicholas Harper

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