impromptu piano concert

Late night Saturday evenings at the Rogue Buddha can be quite magical as last night proved to be. I was minding my own business when a group of awesome people from Green Bay Wisconsin stopped by for a visit. They were in town for the weekend and luckily made the RBG one of their stops. As a result, I was treated to great conversation and an amazing impromptu piano concert by the awesomely talented Jaclyn Crim!

at home with monsters – guillermo del toro

Over the past two months literally almost everyone I know has asked if I have been to the Guillermo del Toro exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to which I calmly replied that I had not yet partaken. I was met with an equal measure of astonishment and encouragement. “You simply must go and the sooner the better” seemed to be the consensus of the day. Never afraid of being late to the party or more accurately, being culturally out of touch, I would ask, “What’s the rush?” Besides, I rather enjoyed the various faces people would make when learning I hadn’t yet visited the exhibit of the year. Continue reading “at home with monsters – guillermo del toro”

open studio tour tips by Nicholas Harper

Holy hell, it’s that time of year again, time for the annual NE Open Studio Tour! What is it exactly? It’s the largest open studio tour in America! Now in its 22nd year, it takes place in Northeast Minneapolis which houses the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, which was, might I add, voted the Numero Uno arts district in the country!

Hundreds of artists will open their studio doors this weekend allowing the public to enter their sacred space. And tens of thousands of people will flood the neighborhood gladly taking them up on the offer. The atmosphere is frantic and festive, celebratory and at times chaotic, and always memorable.

With literally hundreds of studios to peruse, galleries to explore and various venues from gift shops to individual homes all offering original art peppered throughout the neighborhood, it can be a bit daunting, especially for the first timer.

Allow me to share 10 tips for getting the most out of the weekend that I think even the most seasoned tour goers might find useful. Continue reading “open studio tour tips by Nicholas Harper”

buddha satellite

The NE Open Studio Tour is once again upon us this weekend! I’m excited to share that not only will the Rogue Buddha Gallery be open for the festivities and feature the art work of Rudy Fig, Michael Thomsen, Alex Kuno and myself in an exhibit entitled Devil’s in the Details as well as art work by Rachel Girard, John Largaespada and Chuck Cowan… but! We are also hosting a satellite exhibit for the amazing photography of Moustache Jim just down the road! All the deets are on the FB page.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Whirl!

attractions unveiled

Luckily, in case you missed Moustache Jim’s opening night back in February, J Maki made this awesome short video of the evenings festivities…

You can also see Jim’s work this art a whirl… just follow the link for all the deets!


J Maki’s Website:

devil’s in the details art exhibition

I’ve been dormant for the past couple of weeks while I was painting and prepping the gallery for the newest exhibit which opens tomorrow evening, May 12th. I hope you can make it! For all the deets, visit or the FB event page:


drawing 101

In the heart of the Seven Corners neighborhood on the West Bank of the U of M campus sat an art supply store called Pad-N-Pallet. With a dilapidated sign that matched its dingy and oft neglected windows, it opened into a cramped and dusty store that smelled like linseed oil, varnish and the early 1900’s. Packed floor to ceiling with art supplies: paper, brushes, rolls of canvas… from the beginner brand of Windsor Newton’s to the more refined and pricey Rembrandt oils, she was idyllic in every way, especially to a newly minted art student such as myself. Continue reading “drawing 101”

bella donna

This was a short movie I made about three years ago showing the progress of my painting Bella Donna.  If the girl in the dress looks familiar it should, as it was my rendering of a painting by Mark Ryden.

The painting was finished just a day or two before heading to an exhibit at Gallery 360 where it sold prior to the opening reception.  I never really got to live with her before she went to her new home which makes this little movie even more special for me.

Hope you enjoy!  Cheers!