fairly spooky

I had a fairly strange experience at the state fair yesterday afternoon. I dropped off a number of paintings to sell at the Cream of the Crop Artist Gallery in the West End Market. This was at exactly 3pm. Keep in mind, there was a line of cars to get into the fair, all of which were being checked by police and whatnots, licenses written down, trunks checked etc… The point being, the fair was jumping! Tons of cars and trucks were coming and going as people were setting up to get ready. Continue reading “fairly spooky”

impromptu piano concert

Late night Saturday evenings at the Rogue Buddha can be quite magical as last night proved to be. I was minding my own business when a group of awesome people from Green Bay Wisconsin stopped by for a visit. They were in town for the weekend and luckily made the RBG one of their stops. As a result, I was treated to great conversation and an amazing impromptu piano concert by the awesomely talented Jaclyn Crim!

attractions unveiled

Luckily, in case you missed Moustache Jim’s opening night back in February, J Maki made this awesome short video of the evenings festivities…

You can also see Jim’s work this art a whirl… just follow the link for all the deets!  https://www.facebook.com/events/163907577477003/


J Maki’s Website: http://wonderboomfilm.wixsite.com/video


My mom is, well, my mom. She has been many things over the course of her life, a choir director and church cantor, a master gardener, a cellist in the St Anthony community orchestra, a ceramists, a china painter, a writer, a crazed knitter and for the last 6 years an obsessed–beyond–reason crossword doerer. While she has been all of those things, the thing that she has been the most, and she will be the first to say it, is still a mom. The second thing she has been the most, although it isn’t listed as one of her roles above, but more so because of them, is an inspiration. Continue reading “32,850”

zen (part two)

My toilet has been running for about three months. Although I’ve been to Home Depot multiple times during those three months, I have yet to purchase the requisite replacement tank innards, even though it is a simple job. At first it was out of pure laziness. Then after thinking about it for a while it was more out of stubbornness, like I was thinking to myself, “I replaced those innards only 15 years ago… they should still be good for another 15 to 20 years. They sure don’t make toilet innards like they used to.” Then I thought to myself, “Holy crap I’m starting to sound like my mom. I gotta stop thinking this type of stuff to myself. I should just fix the dang thing and forget I ever even had those thoughts… and who says tank innards anyways?” Continue reading “zen (part two)”

danke schön

From the people to the conversation to the art on the wall, last night was magical. I want to thank everyone who was able to attend the opening reception and gave the gallery such a wonderful air of community. Your support for the visual arts in Minneapolis is one of the things that make this city such a wonderful place to live. I also want to thank the artists for sharing their amazing talent and giving us such a great reason to gather. (to see a few images from the opening… continue reading) Continue reading “danke schön”


Sitting in a gallery, alone, at night, takes on an air of solemnity. The last vestiges of incense burnt earlier during gallery hours seeps into the stillness of the moment as the eye meanders from one painting to another. There’s no rush. The softly falling rain outside adds to the calmness, even the word Zen feels too harsh to describe the mood. Continue reading “zen”

pop life

My painting Metanoia went to its new home recently. As I was wrapping her for transport in her Cellophane Bubble Shroud (the name of my next metal band), I couldn’t help but notice she kinda looked neat popping through the bubbles. Ha, pun intended, wonder if I can fit one more into this post. Whatever the case I liked the look so took a photo. Perhaps there’s a bit of a pop artist in me yet…