open studio tour tips by Nicholas Harper

Holy hell, it’s that time of year again, time for the annual NE Open Studio Tour! What is it exactly? It’s the largest open studio tour in America! Now in its 22nd year, it takes place in Northeast Minneapolis which houses the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, which was, might I add, voted the Numero Uno arts district in the country!

Hundreds of artists will open their studio doors this weekend allowing the public to enter their sacred space. And tens of thousands of people will flood the neighborhood gladly taking them up on the offer. The atmosphere is frantic and festive, celebratory and at times chaotic, and always memorable.

With literally hundreds of studios to peruse, galleries to explore and various venues from gift shops to individual homes all offering original art peppered throughout the neighborhood, it can be a bit daunting, especially for the first timer.

Allow me to share 10 tips for getting the most out of the weekend that I think even the most seasoned tour goers might find useful. Continue reading “open studio tour tips by Nicholas Harper”

buddha satellite

The NE Open Studio Tour is once again upon us this weekend! I’m excited to share that not only will the Rogue Buddha Gallery be open for the festivities and feature the art work of Rudy Fig, Michael Thomsen, Alex Kuno and myself in an exhibit entitled Devil’s in the Details as well as art work by Rachel Girard, John Largaespada and Chuck Cowan… but! We are also hosting a satellite exhibit for the amazing photography of Moustache Jim just down the road! All the deets are on the FB page.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Whirl!

attractions unveiled

Luckily, in case you missed Moustache Jim’s opening night back in February, J Maki made this awesome short video of the evenings festivities…

You can also see Jim’s work this art a whirl… just follow the link for all the deets!


J Maki’s Website:

devil’s in the details art exhibition

I’ve been dormant for the past couple of weeks while I was painting and prepping the gallery for the newest exhibit which opens tomorrow evening, May 12th. I hope you can make it! For all the deets, visit or the FB event page:


danke schön

From the people to the conversation to the art on the wall, last night was magical. I want to thank everyone who was able to attend the opening reception and gave the gallery such a wonderful air of community. Your support for the visual arts in Minneapolis is one of the things that make this city such a wonderful place to live. I also want to thank the artists for sharing their amazing talent and giving us such a great reason to gather. (to see a few images from the opening… continue reading) Continue reading “danke schön”


Sitting in a gallery, alone, at night, takes on an air of solemnity. The last vestiges of incense burnt earlier during gallery hours seeps into the stillness of the moment as the eye meanders from one painting to another. There’s no rush. The softly falling rain outside adds to the calmness, even the word Zen feels too harsh to describe the mood. Continue reading “zen”