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I had a fairly strange experience at the state fair yesterday afternoon. I dropped off a number of paintings to sell at the Cream of the Crop Artist Gallery in the West End Market. This was at exactly 3pm. Keep in mind, there was a line of cars to get into the fair, all of which were being checked by police and whatnots, licenses written down, trunks checked etc… The point being, the fair was jumping! Tons of cars and trucks were coming and going as people were setting up to get ready.

I arrived at the West End Market and made my way to the gallery where I dropped off my work. People were everywhere! The place was electric with excitement and anticipation for Thursday’s big opening day.

(click to watch the video)

At 3:30 I got back to my car, which I had barely squeaked in between two other vehicles, parking was that sparse, and began to drive out of the fair. Keep in mind that the MN State Fair is a small city unto itself. It is literally a mile or two to get out of the fairgrounds. As I was driving, I began to pay attention to how many cars and trucks were parked on the street and how tricky and difficult it was to maneuver around some of them as some streets had bottlenecked into the narrowest of spaces.

As I was driving slow and methodically, a song by Polar Bear began to play on Radio K that enchanted me thoroughly. As it did so I began to take notice that despite the volume of cars and trucks lining the streets, there were no people around. The crowds working at the West End Market had disappeared behind me and now I felt as though I was in a ghost town, completely alone. Literally, I maybe saw two people as I traversed the fairgrounds until I reached the exit where people were again checking cars. This despite literally hundreds if not thousands of vehicles parked in every imaginable available space…

The lack of humans along with the song that just happened to be playing on Radio K was pure magic, if not a bit spooky… When I first took notice of the ghostly nature of the moment I immediately grabbed my camera and began filming. This is what I recorded.

Cheers and see you at the fair!

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  1. This is super-fly coolio, and yeah, kinda spooky! Reminds me of last year setting up the LightHotel: me, the deer hunting blinds shaped like a giraffe (or something like that!), a giant windmill blade and Apple Dumplings. The Fair is surreal. You captured it perfectly!

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