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Please join us this Friday evening, March 16th from 7 to 10pm as we celebrate the opening of Galactic Primitivism featuring the artwork of Adam Little.

Galactic Primitivism
A Solo Exhibit Featuring Adam Little
Exhibition Dates: March 16th – April 14th 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, March 16th, 7 to 10pm
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“Galactic Primitivism” is the debut Minneapolis solo exhibition by Iowa educator and artist Adam Little.  His work explores the architypes and narrative structure of early mythology in a personalized vernacular that opens new fictional explorations of the story of creation, the invention of sex, and the nature of building a new iconography. This new collection of paintings and drawings brings together the entirety of Adam’s influences into a single body of work.  Saturday morning cartoons, Jack Kirby, Joseph Campbell, Philip Guston, the Sienese School, and the history of 20th century figurative painting comingle to illustrate the fictionalized creation and comedic rise of primeval man. Adam will be in attendance at the opening!

My current body of work is a combination of paintings and drawings that depict a fictional codified mythology. Images and symbols repeat to create an imagined iconography of an advanced, yet long extinct civilization. This framework allows the art to take on an anthropological and archeological quality that mimics excavation more often then invention. Bright, plastic colors mingle with simplistic, primitive technique to define a visual logic that I refer to as “lasers and loin clothes”. I invite the viewer into this world to participate, blow aside some ancient alien dust, and piece together his or her own narrative interpretations.

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