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The Rogue Buddha Gallery is celebrating its 19th Anniversary today! Yep, we opened our doors on East Hennepin on NYE 1999. If my math is correct, just off the top of my head, that equals 228 months or 991.4 weeks or 6,940 days or 166,560 hours, or 9,993,600 minutes or 599,616,000 seconds give or take a few. Yeah, I think that’s right…

Rogue Buddha Gallery (back in the day)

Rogue Buddha Gallery (back in the day)

While many of those 599,616,000 seconds have been wrought with stress and uncertainty, as running a gallery is no easy task, the vast majority of them have been filled with experiences and memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world. The people I have shared those 9,993,600 minutes with are what have inspired me and kept this gallery open. The artists that I have had the pleasure of working with have made those 166,560 hours fly by in a heartbeat. Each and every event that has taken place in the gallery, from poetry readings and weddings to musical performances, has made each and every one of those 6,940 days special. And there hasn’t been a week out of the 991.4 weeks or a month out of the 228 that has gone by where I haven’t been excited for the things to come at the Rogue Buddha Gallery.

And so, as we mark another year, I want to say how honored I am to serve our community and the artists that I so love and admire and to share this space with all of you! I wish you all a blessed New Year filled with abundance and those things that make every second matter.



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