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Last night HATCH, a committee of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, presented its intention to create a NE Creative Art Center. I along with 5 other committee members each gave a 6-minute presentation at the Rogue Buddha Gallery.

The event was designed to do a number of things. First we wanted to introduce the current members of the committee, who we are and what we envision for an arts center. Secondly we wanted to use the event as a way of introducing the idea to the public in such a way as to foster community involvement in the inception of the center. And lastly we are hoping events like last nights and those in the near future will encourage others to get involved on the committee. There is a lot of work to be done and we are just at the beginning stages.

By any metric the event was a huge success and just the beginning to what I am sure will at some point be a great space, most likely in the form of a website initially and hopefully as a brick and mortar location in the not too distant future.

The crowd was attentive and engaged and many offered great feedback as well as posed thoughtful questions. The overall reception to the idea of a NE Creative Art Center was positive.

Again, we are at the very first stages of this process and we are looking for community input. We are also looking for people who want to step up and help do the work by becoming members of the committee. If you have ideas or want to get involved please send me a message.

See you at the next HATCH event and Cheers!

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