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If you’re anything like me, you most likely take a lot of things in this world for granted; the sky is blue, gravity is real, the new Viking’s stadium is the ugliest building ever constructed in all of human history. Wait a minute… gravity is real?

Without getting into the technical gobbily gook and saying something that will undoubtedly illicit technical reactions from those of the pocket protector ilk (no offense intended, I happen to love pocket protectors and the ilk that use them), let me say that I am speaking in generalities as an uninitiated novice in the religion of science. I may also just be speaking total gibberish for what its worth.

The point is this, while we know something is happening, apples fall to the ground for instance, and we know we can measure and predict certain details about that apple falling to the ground, and while we can give that phenomenon a name, gravity, do we really know anything about it? It’s here that we enter the realm of theory… the place where we try and get to the nuts and bolts of the thing, the why and how the phenomenon happens in the first place.

Einstein will want us to believe in things like space and time and that this space and time somehow bends and curves. What that means, I have no idea, I stopped reading the wikipedia page at this point. I’m sure one of our scientist friends can fill us in on the details but the point is this, Einstein’s theory of general relativity is just that, a theory. And sure, it might work on paper and might even be provable in real world applications. But does that mean that it is correct all of the time in all situations? And does it mean that there isn’t another theory that works just the same and perhaps even better lurking just a round the corner? I don’t know. As my mother always says, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat. “

I’m happy to admit that I don’t know very much about much of anything in this wonderful universe of ours. I see, feel and generally experience the phenomenon of our world daily, but to put names to everything let alone explanations is above my pay grade and truth be told, a bit above my level of interest. I’m much happier feeling the effects of gravity when the roller coaster tips past the point of no return than I am figuring out how it works. Luckily there are people at the right pay grade and with the right love of doing the math that keeps us safe when we hit max velocity. By all means, wear that pocket protector with pride my scientific friends.

And it’s here that I admit to a bit of hypocrisy. Ironically I have an opinion, and dare I say a theory, about almost everything I see, feel and experience in the world. Did I mention that I think the new Viking’s stadium is the ugliest building ever constructed in the history of all human kind? And sometimes those opinions are a bit heavy handed.

It’s true, I tend to think way to much about way too many things that again, are above my pay grade and even over my head, like that apple that dangles precariously from it’s stem directly above me. But contemplating the essence of things, the reasons why things are or what they mean is a hobby of mine, if not a bad habit. After all, I spend most of my time alone at an easel painting in my studio/cave in the back rooms of the Rogue Buddha Gallery, devoid of human interaction, the light of day or the light of reason as is sometimes the case.

But as passionately as I might argue for a specific opinion or theory, I’m equally humbled in knowing that I probably don’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about. And it’s this paradox which allows me the freedom to say the things I do and own the beliefs that I have, fully aware that they might change at any moment for any number of reasons.

And that brings us to this blog, Rogue Buddhism. My intention is simple, to share my opinions, observations and theories as well as creative projects, the progress of said projects as well as whatever other phenomenon strikes my fancy throughout the day.

In sharing various parts of my life, my hope is to experience the wonderful phenomenon that is the universe with a bit more clarity and intention by documenting it and giving it my own personal spin. I won’t leave making things up out of the realm of possibility either, after all, look what making shit up did for L. Ron Hubbard.

Should I go astray here and there or fall into a babbling fog of my own import, perhaps you can holler at me and remind me to look up before that apple hits me on the head. And, if you’re anything like me in being opinionated and find yourself in complete and frothing disagreement with any of what I say, by all means comment below but bear in mind, whatever my opinion, its just a theory…



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