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In celebration of Memorial Day and in honor of those that have passed and served our country I won’t be posting a new episode of Art Wunderful tonight.   I’d like to thank all those that have served or are serving in our military, including a number of my family members. I’d also like to express gratitude to those that served and have since passed, including my father and my oldest brother. I’m also extremely grateful for those that serve this country in countless other non-military capacities, wether it be in the private or public sector, government or volunteer.  Thank you one and all.

I feel very fortunate to have been born in a country that attempts to value personal liberty and while certainly not perfect, continually strives, through the efforts of conscientious and vigilant citizens to ever improve on so many fronts. From helping those that are unable to help themselves, to creating a better playing field where as many as possible can find needed opportunities and resources to thrive, I’m thankful for the countless individuals who work and volunteer and dedicate a part of themselves each day to the betterment of our country and world. It is, after all, we as individuals and collectively, that are responsible for making our neighborhoods, towns, cities, counties, states and ultimately country, what it is and leading it towards what it can be.

I spent time out at the National Cemetery yesterday visiting my father.  If you’ve never been, I would recommend it, even if you don’t know anyone that happens to be at rest there.  The sight of hundreds of thousands of tombstones is both surreal and beautiful.  To grasp the number of souls that have passed, hopefully with an ideal of a better country at heart, is truly inspiring. I know for myself, that whenever I visit, I can’t help but feel a debt of gratitude as well as a rekindled responsibility to help my fellow neighbors and to do what I can to make this a better place to call home.

Wishing you all a wonderful Memorial Day and much wellness, Cheers!

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