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Ever think about what happens when you die? Ever wonder about mortality? How do you want to be buried? Or remembered?

Come join us for yet another organic conversation around death, dying, life, and living. This is not a presentation, nor is this directed in any way.

Details specific to this months Cafe:

NEXT CAFE: Sunday, April 5th, 7pm | Free
Please note that this is a virtual event taking place on ZOOM

ZOOM LINK for the upcoming virtual Death Café on Sunday!
– Make sure you test out the link beforehand to see if you need to download anything.
– Mute your microphone when the Café begins to avoid echos and background noise.
– Feel free to chime in on any point.
– You can also “raise your hand” as a zoom option if speaking to the entire group is your jam. I am happy to voice your question to the group.
– You can also privately chat people within the group if you have a specific question to ask to someone who spoke.
****It’s not difficult– if technology is not your jam, it’s okay. Just come and listen or chime in.

Note: Death and dying, like anything, do not fit into a pretty package to be dissected and understood. Nor is everyone’s reaction or place along the continuum of acceptance the same. When creating a forum for discussion around this topic, it can get tricky. After hosting this event for over a year now, we have seen how some groups enjoy witty banter and humor, while others prefer quiet conversation that centers around past experiences and even grief. When walking into a Death Cafe, you do not know the intention of the person sitting next to you, and therefore, you could be in completely different head spaces. Please be aware that although this conversation is both sacred, and light, depending on where you are at with the experience, this forum is organic and attendees are encouraged to keep an open mind and heart with a willingness to go wherever the night and conversation takes us. It is our intention, as weird as it may sound, to make this event as enjoyable for everyone as possible.

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