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Paris 1919 featuring Nicholas Harper

Paris 1919 featuring Nicholas Harper

I am honored to be participating in a new performance piece by composer and artist Chris Strouth this Saturday evening at St Boniface Church as part of the ART-A-WHIRL (insert registered trademark symbol here) festivities. Chris has been hard at work concocting what I am sure will be nothing less than a spectacular performance “… For Now is a live musical performance piece using bleeding edge projection technologies and digital manipulations.” As for my part, much of my inspiration behind my art comes from the fact that I was raised in churches throughout the Twin Cities as my mother was a choir director, musical director and cantor at many of them. I liken my portraits to Contemporary Icons by way of intent and so it will be an incredible experience for me to see my paintings digitally remastered and projected inside of an incredible church here in NE by internationally recognized visual artist Tony Biele. All of the deets can be found on the FB event page here. See you all this weekend!!


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