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What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than going to an art exhibit featuring lotsa monsters the day after Valentine’s Day!?

Unloved Creatures Group Exhibit @ Rogue Buddha Gallery

Unloved Creatures Group Exhibit @ Rogue Buddha Gallery


Please join us at the Rogue Buddha Gallery for a very special Valentines Exhibit on Friday, February 15th from 7 – 11pm!

Unloved Creatures
Featuring: Eli Libson, Heather Renaux, Alex Kuno & John Sauer

About Unloved Creatures
The art in Unloved Creatures depicts a wide array of characters that, to the mainstream population, might be considered monsters; hideous, ridiculous, scary, grotesque or deviant. But don’t we all have a little of those things within ourselves? How flat and uninteresting would the world be if we were all Pollyannas; prim, proper and perfect? The Unloved Creatures in this show run the gamut from adorably cute to campy B movie to retro Jetsons to sexually aberrant. These four artists have masterfully created something for everyone to love, fear, gawk at or revile.

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